Measure SEO Correctly to Improve Overall Campaign Performance

Man pointing at SEO conceptSearch engine optimization aims to bring more traffic to your business website, which then increases the chances higher conversion rates and sales. SEO accomplishes this by improving your website or your content’s rankings in search engine results pages.

Perhaps you are planning to use search engine optimization for your New York business. But how can you gauge the success of your efforts so far? Coforge Marketing provides some convincing answers.

Wrong Measures: Keyword Rankings

Many other businesses measure the success of their SEO efforts using the wrong methods. They search for the keywords relevant to their business, hoping their website will pop up in the first or second page of search results. Otherwise, they look at the average rankings of their targeted keywords in website traffic reports.

Right Measures: Key Performance Indicators

The methods above measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign inaccurately. Instead of looking at keyword rankings, you can focus on key performance indicators that give you a deeper understanding of your SEO performance. These KPIs include website traffic, social shares, time spent on the website, lead quality, and conversion rates, among others.

Signs of a Successful SEO

Successful SEO efforts see an increasing number of new visitors every month and every year. These visitors need to come from organic search, not paid search. Successful SEO also has an increasing number of visits from the target audience and an increasing rate or number of conversions.

Pursue Relevancy to Improve Campaign Performance

When your SEO performs greatly, you know you have been doing well with your marketing. When you still need to improve, however, you can build your authority or relevance in your field. The more relevant or authoritative you become, the more people will trust your content. In turn, your content will bring in more traffic to your site.

Get to know and understand your target audience to deliver the correct content. The right content could improve your relevance and make you an authoritative resource. Your SEO then will perform more effectively.

Search engine optimization can be tricky, but as long as you know the right methods of doing it, you will be able to succeed in your efforts. Don’t forget to enlist the help of a reputable and experienced SEO company to achieve your goals.