Hotel Logos: The Design Stages and Processes

Man designing a logo for businessLogos are vital to the branding process of a company or business. Most customers do recognize brands through their logos. Given such an important role that logos play, your hotel business should settle for nothing less than a professional design process.

As a business that relies heavily on online booking, Peak 14 Media recommends hiring the services of a professional marketing firm to design and create both your hotel’s website and logo for consistency in style and theme.

But what are the phases of the logo design process? When the process finally starts, you may recognize these stages as parts of a succession that leads to a final design.

Idea Inception

Everything starts with an idea, an initial proposal. The professional designer might even create more than one, so you could choose from an array of drafts. You may even vet and brainstorm the choices until you come up with a likely candidate.

Experienced designers usually know the questions to ask clients to understand what they want. This step lays the perfect ground for a successful design process. However, what you want may not be the best for your hotel business, and you have to rely on both your wisdom. So, you vet and brainstorm some more.


After collecting all the information from the client regarding a vetted logo design, designers move the drafting or sketching phase. As always, this stage could take several days depending on the timeline. For refined sketches, designers also go ahead to research.

The research usually aims to identify what competitors have to offer. You may want to go for an iconic hotel logo like the ones used by Marriott, Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Sheraton, and Sofitel.

Production Stage

It is during the production phase that designers focus on transforming the hand sketches into digital format. Designers use a vector based drawing programs to ensure the final logos can scale up or down without losing quality.

In most cases, the designer will narrow down the options and come up with three logos for you to pick from.

Delivery and Feedback

After making your choice from one of the options offered, the designer can perform further adjustments before delivering. The client will receive the logo in a variety of file types that are ready for use right away.

Professionally designed logos may cost more than opting for cheap freelance services. However, if you want to establish a strong brand right from launch, then go with a professional marketing agency. This decision will ensure a stronger brand and recognition for your business.