Factors to Consider when Choosing Promotional Products

promotionWell, change is the only constant thing in life, and so, you have to align yourself with change. Have you thought about how promotional products and the idea around these products have changed over time? If not, here are the current trends shaping the world of promotional items that could help you decide on what to use in your next marketing campaign:

Brand Recognition

People still relate to brands that are famous for quality products. As a result, businesses are using the advantage of brand recognition to align their marketing goals. Social media further fuels brand recognition, since it’s where customers follow their favourite brands. Therefore, Novelli notes if you want to get promotional items for your company, the retail trends that lean towards brand recognition won’t fail you.


Long gone are the days that customers are given products just so. You must be decisive about the products you choose to give away. One way to get this right is to identify your target group and their needs, and then choose products that add value to their lives. When clients can attach value to the items, they relate your business brand with value too.


With the increased consciousness about health, more customers are also relating to products that make them healthy. You can then choose items such as water bottles and fitness trackers that will help inspire healthy habits.


Companies are also becoming selective in the texture, material and colours that go into their promotional items. When the features are appealing and of high quality, customers begin to form a different mentality about the brand. Quality products are what set you apart from your competitors.

Consider these trends when choosing promotional items for your company. You can be sure that you’ll be making targeted marketing moves that will influence your overall brand image and success.