Month: February 2018

Frequently Used Technologies in 3D Printing In Dentistry

3D printing involves making a physical object out of a three-dimensional model by consecutively laying down layers of material. This technology is changing different industries, but more so the dental field. It allows for higher accuracy and precision in creating dental appliances and saves time, too. 3D printing in dentistry

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Office Stays Clean All the Time

Keeping your office clean isn’t just about making a good impression to any visiting clients, it’s also about keeping your employees healthy and happy. Surprisingly, many companies do not prioritize this consideration due to budgetary concerns, or any other reason for that matter. Fortunately, there are ways to handle your

What are the Common Injuries after a Car Crash?

Millions of people suffer from car crash injuries globally every year. In the U.S. alone, more than 2.5 million drivers and passengers received treatment for road crash-related injuries in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The types of injuries victims sustain in these accidents vary,

Keeping the Airway Open: The Effect of Epinephrine

Epinephrine, a hormone secreted by the body during fight-or-flight response, has many medicinal uses for chronic and even life-threatening respiratory illnesses.  Because of this, some companies manufacture medicines to relieve respiratory problems.  An example of such medications are bronchodilators which can be bought over the counter.  Here are some indications