Month: November 2017

Promises, Engagements and Weddings: Which Finger Should You Put a Ring On?

“Keep your fourth finger empty for me.” The one-liner may seem cheesy, but it effectively serves the purpose of solidifying an age-old tradition. It reaffirms the universal custom that a wedding ring must be on the fourth finger of the left hand. But what’s so special about the fourth digit

Kids’ Teeth Problems any Why They Are Better Taken Care of With a Child Specialist

Parenting is a very challenging task, especially when their children’s dental health is concerned. And although parents do their best to get the right help that fits within their budget, sometimes mistakes occur. Many families believe in going to whoever they have tried and tested. So many parents in Utah

3 Tips to Handle Business Crises

Let’s face facts: There will inevitably be a moment when your business will encounter a public relations crisis. The way you and your PR company handles the situation will spell the difference between boosting your image and causing damage to your brand. This is particularly important in today’s society as things can

Measure SEO Correctly to Improve Overall Campaign Performance

Search engine optimization aims to bring more traffic to your business website, which then increases the chances higher conversion rates and sales. SEO accomplishes this by improving your website or your content’s rankings in search engine results pages. Perhaps you are planning to use search engine optimization for your New York business. But how