Month: April 2017

Branding: Why It’s Significant to Your Sales

When it comes to a business, communication is vital. How well you communicate with your clients will have a huge impact on your sales. There are many levels of client communication, there’s customer service, after sales services, and of course, through advertisements. This article highlights the importance of Brand Identity

Reduce Power Bills with these Energy-Efficient Changes at Home

Over the past twenty years, New Zealand has been paying one of the most expensive electricity rates in the world. As a necessary household utility, electricity is something that all homes have to include in their monthly budget. But as the years pass, electricity dues continue to rise. Homes now invest in energy-saving renovations.

Keep the Overhead Costs of Your Business Low with 3 Incredible Moves

Many businesses struggle with the process of keeping their overhead costs low and affordable, and it eats into their profits. Other than increasing the sales volume, keep the overhead costs in your business remains the best way to increase your profit margins. In a cutthroat business environment, increasing the price