Year: 2015

Pain in the Rain: Making Wet Weather Moving Less of a Nightmare

It’s a familiar scenario. You’ve booked your moving company a few weeks in advance, and you are planning to move. Despite your prayers for sunshine, however, the weather forecast seems to be coming true. It’s raining, and you’re worried about all those soaked boxes and ruined furniture. One way to

Water Tank Cleaning: Keeping Your Water Safe for Consumption

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, dirty water is the biggest risk to human health. There are many factors that contribute to water pollution, with some being naturally-occurring, and others being byproducts of human activities. Polluted water can find its way to your home’s water tank. Some of the

Energy Efficiency Values in Window Treatments: What Do They Mean?

Window treatments provide more than just a pretty way to boost the aesthetics and privacy of your home. These can also help your home become more energy efficient, helping you lower electricity bills. Nonetheless, the Australian Department of Energy reminds consumers to be careful when choosing their products. As not